Experiencers are defined as anyone who has come in some form of contact with unidentified or unusual activity.

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Ryan Stacey – Citizen Journalist and UFO/Paranormal Researcher

Ryan Stacey

Ryan Stacey is a certified Private Investigator, the C.E.O. and Founder of Black Light Investigative and Surveillance Services and TESA.

He is also the Former National Chief Investigator for MUFON CANADA 🍁

Ryan is considered an expert in the UFO/Paranormal field and has been featured on television, has lectured at major conferences and has had many articles published. He is writing his first book, “BELIEVE” , an Investigative Study building a bridge between the borders of Paranormal and Extra-Terrestrial Phenomena.

Ryan has been a private investigator since 2009 and continues to help the public privately with issues ranging from infidelity to strange sounds, shadows, and lights in the sky.

Ryan Stacey talks about C.C.E.S

Priscilla McNamara – Reiki Master and Spiritual Advisor

Priscilla McNamara

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Lesley Mitchell-Clarke – Clinical Master Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is a Toronto based, Board Certified Clinical Master Hypnotherapist who specializes in in a number of modalities, including working with individuals who feel that they have had contact experiences with extra-terrestrial/ultra-terrestrial beings.

Most of this fascinating work, as well as Metaphysical Therapies such as Past Life and Interlife Regression takes place at Lesley’s Toronto hypnosis clinic.

Lesley is a graduate of The Ontario Hypnosis Centre and School and is a member in good standing of the National Guild of Hypnotists, as well as the National Guild of NLP Practitioners. She has earned NGH Certifications in Past Life Regression, Interlife Regression and Energy (Entity) Release, Pain Management, Addictions and Pediatric Hypnosis. She is also a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Lesley was recently honoured to have acted as the Mistress of Ceremonies, and to also have been a featured presenter (along with Wes Roberts) at the first and the third annual ALIEN COSMIC EXPO, which took place this past June in Toronto. Lesley and Wes will again be hosting the “Experiencer-centric” presentations at the 4th annual ALIEN COSMIC EXPO, taking place in Toronto on September 21 and 22, 2019,

Wes Roberts – Experiencer Guide and Mentor

Wes Roberts

Wes Roberts is a contract college professor who teaches computer technology, business writing and communication, and office procedures for two of the largest colleges in Canada. In addition, Wes has a small company that offers business and social media content writing .

In the late 1980s Wes had a remarkable experience which, 20 years later, was identified as an alien abduction.

Wes’ passion is to spread the word to help others come to terms with their unexplained encounters. One of the major influences and skill sets that assists Mr. Roberts has its roots in the paranormal.

As a teen and young adult, Wes spent several years as an active member of a parapsychological research institute. He has several skills that many would call “psychic”, though he prefers not to attach any label to them.

Wes is a frequent and credible speaker at Alien Cosmic Expo, held annually in Toronto Ontario, Canada.

Wes co-hosted and periodically appeared as a guest on the long running Time-Warner’s BlogTalkRadio show Contact. He currently co-hosts interviews for their YouTube channel, Contact TV.

Jamie + Dee Dalzell – Nutrition/Wellness Coaches

Jamie + Dee Dalzell

Coaches Jamie & Dee are aligned with Herbalife. Through the philosophy of 100% mindset, 80% nutrition, and 20% exercise they assist people to reach their own Level 10. They run 6-week challenges focused on the above as well as coach/mentor.

These two join TESA to help experiencers stay focused and grounded, bringing the philosophy of “A Healthy Body = A Healthy Mind”

Michael Elzinga – Media Director/Publicist

Michael Elzinga

Michael joins TESA as a young professional from the technology industry with a passion to seek the truth. He is an experiencer himself after beginning his spiritual awakening over a decade ago.

Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada he is now bringing his experience and devotion to help TESA’s media and social outreach to help fellow experiencers. 

With an open mind and creative vision, he will be helping with social media and filming projects as well as research and networking. Michael knows that there is more to life than we are told and lives by an empathic and pacifist mindset with out of the box thinking. Knowing we live in one of the most fascinating and crucial moments of human history he is dedicated to helping everyone as we transition through this paradigm shift.

Stephen Coffey – UAV Pilot

Stephen Coffey

Hailing from DeVry Institute of Technology, Stephen is certified in Complex Special Flight Operations in all of Ontario and is professionally qualified in Aeronautic Communications.

Stephen has an open mind and he realizes with our vast universe it is highly unlikely that we are alone. With his drone and technical background he is an asset to TESA.

Stephen also offers support from his commercial business including HI Definition 4K photo and video imaging. He is confident that Aerial photography will add extra support for all TESA investigations.

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