T.E.S.A thanks all our sponsors for collectively providing their resources in support of experiencers who have been affected either negatively or positively by events considered beyond the law of nature or scientific understanding.

Each sponsor is required to do the following:

1) Pay the Association Fee Annually.
2) Place the TESA Logo on your website.
3) Refer experiencers to report to the reporting system.

In return the Member will will receive:

1) Ad placement in Association Section.
2) Video or Podcast placement in Information Section.
3) Ad placement in Agenda Section.
4) Opportunity to sell Merchandise in our Store (% of sale returned to the association)
5) Weekly Plug on Uncharted Case Files with Ryan Stacey.
6) Blog page to opptomize your SEO and reach.
7) Ad and content placement in our Newsletter.
8) And other opportunities as they become available.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact us.

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