The Canadian Current Event Survey

C.C.E.S is an annual public reports that display statistical data of actual unexplained events reported within Canada.

The survey is used to compile and calculate possible characteristics and attributes of these events in order to predict when and where they will occur next.

It is also designed to assist T.E.S.A’s efforts to support experiencers by collaborating trends and common encounters in order to establish an academic understanding of the contact or abductee phenomena.

Although this study is centered within Canada, T.E.S.A collects and compiles all data volunteered to the association and encourages every public member to distribute, analyze and compare our findings.

Our goal is to assist every everyone who investigates UFO and Paranormal phenomeon, including but limited to MUFON, NUFORC, and PSICAN.

We aim to add our style to the table of this massive phenomena in an effort to bring all these great orgnaizations and independent investigtors, like Richard Dolan, Grant Cameron and Linda Moulton Howe, together.

Data Sets, Surveys and Evidence

MUFON Canada UFO Report – 2017  and Companion Video
MUFON Canada UFO Report – 2018 and Companion Video – Coming Soon
MUFON Canada UFO Report – 2019 and Companion Video – In development
Civilian Aviation Daily Occurance Report – 2019 – In development
High Strangeness Paranormal Database Report – 2019 – In development

TESA Approved Investigation Gear

Request for Information

If you are interested in receiving a full report on the investigation of any of the data sets from HSPD in 2019 and onward, you may request by completing the form below.

All confidential data will be redacted to protect the experiencer who filed the report.

This report is available for FREE to the experiencer who had reported it, for anyone else to obtain the cost is $10.00 per file.