UPR20190040 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, November 9 2016


I was letting my brother’s dog out to use the washroom and noticed 3 planes flying in opposite directions under the bright moonlight, which was odd. We barely ever had planes flying in our section of southern Ontario. This when I noticed something in the corner of my eye. It was a disc-shaped ship. I saw it above one of the apple trees in the backyard.

It was in a shadowed part of my neighbor’s farm field hovering. I had read and white lights going round and round the belly or center of the craft. I notice the trees blowing in the wind and this thing didn’t move. I’m assuming it was large and close to the barn with cows. It lasted about ten minutes then I watched it vanish. Very soon after I saw two military planes flying above us southwest headed and a black helicopter. I was scared and went inside.


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UPR20190033 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, July 10 1968


5 of us were walking up the street, when I noticed a large, low object in the sky, right above my house and my neighbors to each side. It was dark out, and I could see a row of lit-up windows, of different colors. I asked, “Did anyone else see that?” They said, “See what?”


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UPR20190027 – Visitation – Physical

Windsor, Ontario, Canada, April 30 1969


I remember as a child at the age of 3 I used to live in REDACTED. In a large field in the back of our home, I remember seeing a sphere moving to the left. It at first looked like the sun. It started moving closer to me. As it did the color changed from orange to have a black outline around it. It had lights going around it. When it came down closer to me it was like a metallic bronze color with a reflective smooth surface. I have only seen this as a child during the night.

I remember them coming into my room. I could always feel when they were coming. The wall where they came from would turn black like there was no wall there. I remember how my room felt cooler as well. They had a small mouth, are 3 and a half feet tall, and grey in color. They had no hair. Large black eyes. Flat nosed and 4 fingers.

I am awake at this time standing up. They would paralyze me and lift me up and float me out o the room the same way they came in. There are nights I would have nightmares and intrusive memories about this. Sometimes I would hear thumping and banging them scratching before I see them. I still have these experiences today.

REGRESSION TRANSCRIPT – March 20, 2019 – By Lesley Mitchell-Clarke

0800 – Witness has been brought back to Age 3 when she first saw the orange ball.

0820 – When asked where she was the answer was “In a field”

0824 – When asked how she got there the witness stated that she had walked there quite a bit from her home.

0855 – When asked if she was alone the answer was “Yes”

0900 – When asked why she went the response was “I had this urge to go”

0907 – When asked if someone told her to go there, the response was “In my mind”

0930 – When asked what happens next the witness says she looked up and it seemed like the sun was moving to the right of the sky. “It was bigger than normal”

0937 – When asked if she could look at it without hurting her eyes, the answer was “Yes”

0944 – When asked what color the witness said “It would change color from white, orange, to red to a very orange-red.

0957 – When asked if it made any sound the response was “No”

1010 – When asked what this ball does, the witness says “It moves across the sky and then will stop moving”

1014 – “Then it starts moving forward. It’s bigger and that’s when it starts changing.”

1018 – “There are lights all around it” “There’s a black ring around it” “ A pitch-black ring”

1034 – When asked if there were any windows the witness said “No. It was just lighted.”

1043 – “I start thinking it is going to set the field on fire but it doesn’t because it is coming down too low.”

1058 – “Not frightened” “In a way it looked kinda…neat.”

1122 – “It was close enough that the lights were gone” “Metallic” “Bronzy colour” “Ball” “It’s huge”

1137 – When asked if it was the size of a football field, the answer was “Maybe. Yes.”

1145 – “I back away just a little bit. Because I thought it was going to land on top of me”

1157 – “It seems to be changing” “The colour is like a blue”

1218 – “I just feel overwhelmed.”

1233 – “A bright light”

1237 – “Something’s changing.”

1254 – “I am no longer in the field.”

1259 – “I am going to the light”

1301 – “I feel anxious”

1309 – “It’s changing again”

1320 – When asked where she is now here response is “I don’t know”

1340 – “There is someone there.” “Someone’s talking to me”

1350 – “The talk goes through my mind”

1355 – “They tell me not to be afraid”

1419 – “It feels cooler” “It’s an open area.”

1436 – When asked if she could see any beings she replied “I can feel beings around”

1450 – “They have a hold of me and are taking me somewhere”

1512 – “They don’t look like people”

1522 – “They are small”

The Experiencer Support Association – TESA

1553 – When asked to communicate with them the witness replied “I don’t feel comfortable”

1618 – When asked about the walls the witness says “They’re wide.” “There is lights going down the side of the wall and on the ceiling” “There are rooms but I don’t want to go in there”

1637 – When asked if she has been here before the response was “Mhmm” (Yes)

1641 – “There’s different rooms too. There’s more than one.” “There’s one I don’t want to go in to”

The Experiencer Support Association – TESA

1816 – “There’s more people there”

1817 – When asked if there were more children like the witness the response was “Yes”

1823 – “It’s like an office classroom”

The Experiencer Support Association – TESA

1834 – When asked if she recognized any of the children the witness said “I recognize the one boy”

1852 – They are telling me what we are supposed to do. We are supposed to learn things”

1934 – When asked to describe one of the items the witness said “There was like a grey room” “I remember I had to open up a wall. It sounds weird. It would open up to this maze.” “We had to go down on our hands and knees” “Lights go along a wall of the maze. There’s like symbols on there” “We got to use the symbols to make our way around. In the other room we went into , that is where we would learn the symbols”

The Experiencer Support Association – TESA
The Experiencer Support Association – TESA

2015 – “Very intense” “Not fun”

2030 – When asked if these smaller beings were in charge the response was “Oh yes”

2035 – “There’s a leader”

2108 – “He seems really stern” “He knows my name”

2147 “There’s that room.” “I don’t want to to go in that room” “That’s where they have this table”

The Experiencer Support Association – TESA
The Experiencer Support Association – TESA
The Experiencer Support Association – TESA
The Experiencer Support Association – TESA

2222 – When asked the temperature of the maze the response was “It felt cooler, wasn’t really hot.” “It was comfortable”

2243 – When asked if everyone has passed the maze she said that one girl didn’t “ She was screaming hard and we just don’t see her anymore”

2252 – “We don’t see her ever again”

2307 – “The maze was different levels” “It was huge” “I remember when you get down towards the end” “You could see outside a little bit” “I cant tell that I am really high” “So I knew we had to go down different levels”

The Experiencer Support Association – TESA
The Experiencer Support Association – TESA

2324 – “We got down to the very bottom level. The symbols weren’t there anymore” “We could see different shapes” “We had to find the right shape” “Push that” “Get outside” “Then you had to run across the field to a group”

2352 – “They would take us back to the ship and they would take us home”

2441 – When asked how she felt after returning to the field near her home she replied “I feel exhausted”

2437 – “I walk home”

2445 – “Sometimes they do it in the evening too. Not just during the day”

2500 – Mother was aware child was missing and almost called the police.

2537 – Witness is asked to go to any time where she met the the humanoid Angie. The witness replies “She is very nice. I like her”

2549 – “I remember her knocking on the window” “She knew my name” “She didn’t acknowledge my sister” “I thought that was different”

2635 – “I always thought she was an Angel. That’s why I called her Angie”

2641 – “She was beautiful She had long straight hair. She had small features. She had a small nose” “Here eyes were, not a lot, but were a little bigger than normal”

2655 – When asked what colour her hair was the response was “A light blonde”

2659 – She had fair skin.

2704 – When asked what colour her eyes were the response was “Blue”

The Experiencer Support Association – TESA

2724 – When asked how she would leave with Angie the response was “She always took me to the window. We would go through the window” “The first time I was afraid I was going to fall” “She told me I wouldn’t fall”

2740 – “She told me she wanted to show me something.” “She took me outside” “It was floating off the ground”

2800 – “She told me to approach carefully. She didn’t want me running into it.” “I could see my reflection in it” “I can see her reflection in it” “It was like silver. Like a shiny silver” “It was cloaked” “As a child I didn’t understand cloaking, but looking now, it was cloaked”

2830 – “I actually went underneath it because I was fascinated by how it was floating”

2842 – “You couldn’t see the windows” “It was like a triangle” “It wasn’t until you got inside that you could see the windows. It is like magic”

2900 – When asked how she got in to it the response was “We floated on top” “It was like liquid, it didn’t open up. It was interesting”

2914 – “It was a small craft”

The Experiencer Support Association – TESA

3002 – “The instruments were different” “There didn’t seem to be as much”

3051 – “You would put your hand on it and it flew”

3104 – When asked if she as speaking to her the response was “I think she was in my mind. I really don’t remember her mouth moving”

3134 – When asked where she went she replied “Really fast” “Underwater” “Then around earth”

3157 – When asked where Angie was from the response was “Far away.” “She told me I wouldn’t understand how far” “She could never take me to her world. It was a great distance”

3309 – When asked what Angie wanted her for the response was “She wanted to help me” “She knew what I was going through and wanted to know how it was affecting me emotionally”

3509 – End of Audio


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UPR20190016 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

Oakwood, Ontario, Canada, October 22 2011


Driving my delivery truck to Lindsay on trans can Hwy 7 between Manila and Lindsay. Aircraft was descending in my direction. I pulled over on to the soft shoulder observe the aircraft believing it to be a 747 freighter plane.

I sometimes observed aircraft during my deliveries and watched them. This was a clear moonlight night with very few clouds. I was intrigued by the descending aircraft so far away from Pearson Int Airport.

The aircraft was showing no marker flashing strobes on wings. As the aircraft became more visible I began to notice its outline, it was still descending slowly at a shallow angle. The wingspan was very wide with a slight pronounced middle bump, I assumed to be the cockpit area.

At approx. 1000 feet the aircraft began to level out and changed its direction slightly. The landing lights dimmed. At approx. 12 mph the aircraft flew past me, to the left of the truck at approx. 500 ft. The aircraft was a perfect diamond shape. Black with a dull white light in each corner of the diamond. Along the center line but just behind the middle of the aircraft, a red revolving light turned slowly. It reminded me of an old police car revolving around red lights. No engine noise heard or observed.

The aircraft began to change direction slightly moving west northwest and slightly increased speed and began to climb higher and higher. A long thin cloud was behind me and the aircraft flew into it, the cloud glowed white as the aircraft entered it and dimmed as it passed through it. I watched the aircraft pass into the distance until it disappeared into the black night sky.


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UPR20190008 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

HSPD20190008 – Aerial Phenomenon: Leduc, Alberta, Canada, February 8 2019

WITNESS STATEMENT – February 12 2019

I wanted a picture of the barren cold runways. I held my cellphone against the window of the terminal to avoid any reflection and took a photo. I took a “selfie” after but due to the focus of the phone, the sky isn’t visible behind me. After I got home to Vancouver, I looked at the photo and noticed an odd oval-shaped cloud in the center-right.

I zoomed in to see what appeared to be a disc-shaped cloud, such as Alto-cumulus Lenticularis cloud formations. But they usually only go over hills, mountains, or very tall man-made structures. Out of all the photos of Alto-cumulus Lenticularis clouds from the ground, I could locate, not one of them shows the top of the formation such as mine. In my photo, the formation is tilting towards me so I see the top of the disc shape. This was at a pretty decent altitude and over the flat prairie. It was a cold clear morning with a ground temp of -39c Two contrails are visible in the foreground and appear much closer.


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