The Development of Curses.

There are two distinct forms of curses. Intentional and unintentional. Let's start with the obvious.  Intentional curses begin with INTENT. Someone has purposefully involved themselves in a ceremony or spell, directed at another individual or family line to bring about particular adverse outcomes on someone else's life. Usually, the reason for the curse involves negative feelings … Continue reading The Development of Curses.

UPR20190009 – Sensory Display – Paranormal Activity

Fergus, Ontario, Canada, January 3 1997 WITNESS STATEMENT - February 17 2019       Three different individuals experienced what is believed to be the same apparition. Myself, my mom, and my aunt, on three different occasions in the same house. My mom and my aunt saw the apparition in the same area (basement) on … Continue reading UPR20190009 – Sensory Display – Paranormal Activity