UPR20190016 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

Oakwood, Ontario, Canada, October 22 2011 WITNESS STATEMENT - March 24 2019     Driving my delivery truck to Lindsay on trans can Hwy 7 between Manila and Lindsay. Aircraft was descending in my direction. I pulled over on to the soft shoulder observe the aircraft believing it to be a 747 freighter plane.   … Continue reading UPR20190016 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

UPR20190003 – Visitation – Physical

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, October 23, 1978 WITNESS STATEMENT - January 28 2019     As a child, I was sleeping in my room, across from my closet. My parents would close the door to my room, while I used my room door to block my closet door. The closet door opened and there was … Continue reading UPR20190003 – Visitation – Physical