UPR20190050 – Beings Observed – Entities

Connaught, Ontario, Canada, May 16 2019 WITNESS STATEMENT - July 2019     I was speaking with my partner who was in the other room. I was preparing to take a shower, as I am holding the door to the washroom, I see this large figure approximately 5'11 – 6” tall standing approximately 5 feet … Continue reading UPR20190050 – Beings Observed – Entities

UPR20190045 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

Connaught, Ontario, Canada, May 18 2019 WITNESS STATEMENT - July 14 2019     I was watching this purplish object moving around when star-like objects smaller than the one I was observing, appeared in the sky around this object. One appeared top right, then another top left, and then the third bottom centered between the … Continue reading UPR20190045 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity