Ryan Stacey – Citizen Journalist and UFO/Paranormal Researcher

Ryan Stacey is a certified Private Investigator, the C.E.O. and Founder of Black Light Investigative and Surveillance Services and TESA.

He is also the Former National Chief Investigator for MUFON CANADA 🍁

Ryan is considered an expert in the UFO/Paranormal field and has been featured on television, has lectured at major conferences and has had many articles published. He is writing his first book, “BELIEVE” , an Investigative Study building a bridge between the borders of Paranormal and Extra-Terrestrial Phenomena.

Ryan has been a private investigator since 2009 and continues to help the public privately with issues ranging from infidelity to strange sounds, shadows, and lights in the sky.

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke – Clinical Master Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner

Lesley Mitchell-Clarke is a Toronto based, Board Certified Clinical Master Hypnotherapist who specializes in in a number of modalities, including working with individuals who feel that they have had contact experiences with extra-terrestrial/ultra-terrestrial beings.

Most of this fascinating work, as well as Metaphysical Therapies such as Past Life and Interlife Regression takes place at Lesley’s Toronto hypnosis clinic.

Lesley is a graduate of The Ontario Hypnosis Centre and School and is a member in good standing of the National Guild of Hypnotists, as well as the National Guild of NLP Practitioners. She has earned NGH Certifications in Past Life Regression, Interlife Regression and Energy (Entity) Release, Pain Management, Addictions and Pediatric Hypnosis. She is also a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Lesley was recently honoured to have acted as the Mistress of Ceremonies, and to also have been a featured presenter (along with Wes Roberts) at the first and the third and fourth annual ALIEN COSMIC EXPO.

Jamie Dalzell – Podcast Host, Wellness Coach and Paranormal Researcher

Beyond The Tin Foil Hat is a weekly Podcast and is brought to you by The Experiencer Support Association. It is hosted by James Dalzell and sometimes co-hosted by Deanna Palazzo, and Ryan Stacey.

While James is obsessed with all things unusual, Deanna is familiar with Spirit and the Paranormal. Ryan is a professional investigator and has a career in investigating items of “high strangeness” The three of them bring a balance to discussions on UFO, Spirit, and the Paranormal.

Each week the three, with the occasional special guest, will digest topics in a split style format. The first half hour of the show is free for all listeners.

Tim Morrison – Demonologist, Cryptozoologist and Spirit Attachment Practitioner

At an early age Tim remembers being haunted by demons. He remembers lying in bed and seeing dark shadows watching him from the corners of his room.

Tim now presents the opportunity to reach out with his knowledge to fight and protect against demons on a global scale.

Alex Mistretta – Cryptozoologist, UFO and Paranormal Investigator

Alex Mistretta was born in France, grew up in Los Angeles and became an International Man of Mystery somewhere in between.

Alex conducted his first Paranormal investigation at age 12 in London, had his first UFO sighting in Los Angeles at age 10, and first rushed out into the woods running towards a loud growl at age 11 in Big Bear.

Several years later, while at the University of Illinois Chicago, Alex graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Both degrees were specifically created to further his understanding of Paranormal phenomena, Ufology and Cryptozoology.

After school, Alex returned to California were he became a MUFON Investigator, including an original member of Star Team and the Director of Investigations for MUFON Los Angeles for over 10 years.

Alex specializes in International Ufos, Underwater Ufos, Cattle Mutilations and investigated the Pine Mountain Landing Case and Trepang Arctic UFO case. After 13 years with MUFON, Alex decided to work independently in all fields within the unknown. Also a seasoned Paranormal investigator, Alex specializes in Poltergeist cases along with Dr Barry Taff. He also is an expert international hauntings, outdoor hauntings and he is an expert in Zombis in Haiti.

Having written two papers while at UIC for Independent studies, Alex is an expert in Bigfoots, specifically Eurasian Almastys and Yetis. He is also a leading voice in the mysterious African X. His knowledge and experience extends to South America’s Mono Grande, Mongolia’s Death Worm, among others.

Now, as a professional Cryptozoologist, and a leading voice in Mokele-mbembe, Chipekwe, and Ennedi Tiger research in African cryptozoology, Alex joins TESA (The Experiencer Support Association) as an expert investigator and Detachment Director for the United States of America.

Richard Palmisano – Paranormal Investigator, Theorist, and Author

Richard has been investigating the paranormal since 1979, and formed two companies which are dedicated to the study and advancement of paranormal research. The Searcher Group being the first and is the backbone of his research. 

The second company The Canadian Institute of Parapsychology is community based and provides education and public assistance. He has written several books on the subject and his work has been featured in television shows such as Northern Mysteries and Discovery Channel’s A Haunting.

Richard has worked in law enforcement, security and surveillance for over 30 years and is a trained investigator and is now an official member of TESA’s support team.

Priscilla McNamara – Reiki Master and Spiritual Advisor

Bio Coming Soon.

A. B. Neilly – Astrologer, Philosophical Counselor, Publisher and Experiencer

A. B. Neilly has a Master in Philosophy and has developed a method to use philosophy to help people. She is also a professional astrologer with over 20 years of experience. As an experiencer, she knows how difficult is to answer to questions as “why is this happening to me?”, “Am I going crazy?”; and the struggles to go through your daily life while you are dealing with unwanted visitors at night.

In her approach, she helps people to answer their own questions and change the mind patterns that don’t allow them to grow, helping them to think better so they can make the best of their lives with the elements they have.

She uses astrology to understand the currents we are in so we can be ready to deal with them. She is also a publisher who gives voice to the experiencers through Prometea Press.

Stephen Coffey – Advanced RPAS Pilot and Systems Tech

Hailing from DeVry Institute of Technology, Stephen is certified in Complex Special Flight Operations in all of Ontario and is professionally qualified in Aeronautic Communications.

Stephen has an open mind and he realizes with our vast universe it is highly unlikely that we are alone. With his drone and technical background he is an asset to TESA.

Stephen also offers support from his commercial business including HI Definition 4K photo and video imaging. He is confident that Aerial photography will add extra support for all TESA investigations.

Chantal Chauvin – Event Coordinator, Volunteer Liaison, Recreation Specialist

Chantal is an experiencer and witness to paranormal activity and has interests in astronomy, psychic ability, energy, consciousness and the nature of reality. She has begun her training as a Level 1 Reiki practitioner and resides in rural northern Ontario. She has many skills and insight to bring to the TESA team. 

As an event coordinator and volunteer liaison, Chantal will work with volunteers in hosting events featuring TESA and also assists in managing the flow of posts on our private discussion group on facebook.

As a recreation specialist, Chantal will assist the investigation team by drawing out some hard to explain events reported to us by experiencers.