• Experiencers are defined as anyone who has come in some form of contact with unidentified or unusual activity.

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If you are reporting an event with more than one unusual incident, please consider the most significant incident when answering the following questions:

*You will have a chance to explain the collaborating details at the end of this report*

Did you witness this event?

Including yourself, how many witnesses are there to this event?

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Event Information:

Were there any injuries or damage caused to anyone or anything during this experience?

What exactly was injured or damaged?

If more than one of these categories fit your experience, please file each experience separately. It is important that we analyze experiences individually and avoid collecting unusable data.

Where exactly were you inside this event location when this experience occurred?

What direction were you facing?

Describe the Movement:

Describe this event:

What could be a rational and logical explanation for this event?

What would you like T.E.S.A. to do in response to this report?

What about yourself and this experience can be said to consider this report credible?

Are there any concerns you might have with sharing your experience to help others?

Is this the only report you will be submitting about this event?

If necessary, would you be willing to complete other forms specific to the nature of your experience? This additional data will help T.E.S.A narrow down the varribles and assist in isolating the event.

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T.E.S.A. aims to respond to each experiencer within the first 24 to 48 hours of receiving this report, and and will remove all identifiers when using this report to assist, educate, and inform the public.

We thank you for your time and appreciate the courage to document your experience.

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Failure to do so will result in an inaccurate investigation.

We assure that all your personal information will be kept confidential. If you have any concerns, or would like to share this experience as general knowledge, please contact T.E.S.A directly by clicking here