Points of Interest

This page is a collection of locations, persons and organizations mentioned or directly involved in the government document section. It is designed to link the documents while providing investigators and researcher association data with these events.


A.H Hall (Mr.)(NRC)

AH Waters (RCAF) (SGT)

A.J Langley (Mr.) (DRB)

Brown (Maj) (RCAF)

C.P. Edwards (Commander)

Dixon (LCol) (RCAF)

D.M Edwards (Director of Air Intelligence) (DAI)

E.H Webb (Director of Military Operations and Plans) (Lieutenant Colonel) (DRB) (Project: Theta)

G.A White (RCAF) (S/L – Squadron Leader)

G.M Carrie (Colonel) (DRB)

Harmon (LtCol) (RCAF)

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Harold C Oatway (Mr.) (DRB)

H. Brooks (RCAF)(F/L – Flight Lieutenant)

H.P Korntoff (RCAF) (F/O – Flying Officer)

J.C. Pratt (Director of Naval Intelligence) (Commander) ** possibly same as below or remarried? Female?

J.C.L Annesley (Director of Naval Intelligence) (DNI) (Lieutennant Commander) (Navy) (DRB) (Project: Theta)

Jesso (MWO) (RCAF)

Karl von Müller (Mr.)(Captain Muller)(German Navy)  *

Lachapelle (LCol) (RCAF)

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L.P.S. Bing (Joint Intelligence Services) (JIS) (S/L Squadron Leader) (RCAF) (DRB) (Project: Theta)

McCaskill (Maj) (RCAF)

McKenzie (MWO) (RCAF)

Moran (WO) (RCAF)

M.R Thurston (Mr.)(NRC)

Namiesniowski (Col) (RCAF)

Norris (Maj)(WOC) (RCAF) (RJOCP)

N.W Timmerman (Mr.) (RCAF) (G/C – Group Captain) (W/C Wing Commander) (DRB) (Project: Theta)

O.M Solandt (Dr.) (DRB)

Passley (WO) (RCAF)

Peck (LCol) (RCAF)

Peter M Millman (Dr.) (Dominion Observeratory DOM) (DRB) (Project:Theta)

R.A Tyler (Mr.) (NRC)

Robert J, Millen CD (Maj) (RCAF)

Scott Hocquard (Capt) (RCAF)


S. Shranshenko (Mr.) (Civilian ?)

Stanton Friedman (Mr.)

T. Stephens (Mr.) (Civilian ?)

Ungeitis (Capt) (RCAF)

Vannevar Bush (Dr.) *

V.L Bradley (F/L Flight Lieutenant) (RCAF) (Defence Research Board) (DRB) (Project: Theta)

Wilbert B Smith (Mr.) (Department of Transportation) (DOT) (DRB) (Project: Theta)

Whitehead (LtCol) (RCAF)

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Wright (Mr.) (DRB Liason at Canadian Embassay in Washington USA)

X (Ms)

Unknown – Director of Air Intelligence (DAI) – ** possibly D.M. Edwards








Organizations and Groups

414 Photographic Squadron (RCAF) *

Defence Research Board (DRB) *

Department of Transportation (DOM) *

Dominion Observatory *

German Navy *

National Research Council (NRC) *

Regional Joint Operation Center Pacific

Royal Canadian Airforce (RCAF) *

Royal Canadian Navy (RCN)

Wehrmacht (Unified Armed Forces of Nazi Germany) *


Alien/Extraterrestrial Vehicles

Messerschmitt Bf 109 (ME 109 FW) *

North American P-51 Mustang *

Orange Light

Republic P-47 Thunderbolt *


Project: Theta (Second Storey) (Flying Saucer)