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Spiritual Warfare: Preparation is Key.

You don’t need to go very far to see the destructive forces of evil influencing our lives daily. Turn on the news, open a paper, read Facebook or any other social media. The majority, aside from puppies and kittens, is war.  War against the very souls of men, women, and children.  Drug addiction, alcoholism, and … Continue reading Spiritual Warfare: Preparation is Key.

Project Sighting Report for Defence Research Board

Defence Research Board Project ___________ SIGHTING REPORT (A separate form is to be used for each observer.) A .. Details of Observer 1. Name of observer: Surname: ——————————Initials———– 2. Address of observer: Street:———————————–City————- Province————————————————– 3. Occupation and previous relevant experience: 4. Age: ———————- 5. Has observer seen “flying objects” before, and if so, briefly, when, … Continue reading Project Sighting Report for Defence Research Board

Project Magnet Report – December 1952 (Approx)

Project Magnet Report “It appears then, that we are faced with a substantial probability of the real existence of extra-terrestrial vehicles.” During the past five years there has been accumulating in the files of the United States Air Force, Royal Canadian Air force, Department of Transport, and various other agencies, an impressive number of reports … Continue reading Project Magnet Report – December 1952 (Approx)

The Development of Curses.

There are two distinct forms of curses. Intentional and unintentional. Let’s start with the obvious.  Intentional curses begin with INTENT. Someone has purposefully involved themselves in a ceremony or spell, directed at another individual or family line to bring about particular adverse outcomes on someone else’s life. Usually, the reason for the curse involves negative feelings … Continue reading The Development of Curses.

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