Data, Research and Analysis

The Experiencer Support Association releases an annual public report that displays statistical data of actual unexplained events reported around the world.

The report consists of data surveyed and is used to calculate possible characteristics and attributes of highly strange events in order to predict when and where they may occur next.

It is also designed to assist TESA’s efforts to support experiencers by collaborating trends and common encounters in order to establish an academic understanding of the contact or abductee phenomena.

Our goal is to assist everyone who investigates UFO and Paranormal phenomenon.

We encourage every public member to distribute, analyze, compare and challenge our findings.

Data Sets, Surveys, and Evidence

Canadian Current Event Survey (CCES) – 2019 – Drones, UAVs, and UFOs – BASELINE

UFO/Paranormal Report (UPR) – 2019 – BASELINE

Canadian Current Event Survey (CCES) – 2020 – Drones, UAVs, and UFOs

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UFO/Paranormal Report (UPR) – 2020 – In development

Canadian Current Event Survey (CCES) – 2021 – Drones, UAVs, and UFOs – In development
UFO/Paranormal Report (UPR) – 2021 – In development


Witness Statements

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Visual Evidence Database

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