The Development of Curses.

There are two distinct forms of curses. Intentional and unintentional. Let's start with the obvious.  Intentional curses begin with INTENT. Someone has purposefully involved themselves in a ceremony or spell, directed at another individual or family line to bring about particular adverse outcomes on someone else's life. Usually, the reason for the curse involves negative feelings … Continue reading The Development of Curses.

Ultraspectrum Classification System

The Hynek/Vallée Classification System is Obsolete

Yes. I said it. I will say it again. The UFO Classification systems that J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallée created are obsolete. They are no longer useful or even adequate enough to categorize the continuous growth of UFO phenomena we are experiencing today. This article will explain why I know this, how I came … Continue reading The Hynek/Vallée Classification System is Obsolete

Defence Research Board – First Commitee Meeting Minutes on Flying Saucer Sightings – April 24, 1952

START TRANSCRIPT: Secretary Mr. H. C. Oatway D.R.B. For the benefit of those who were not present at the general meeting held on April 22nd, the Chairman opened the meeting with a brief resume of discussions leading to the formation of this Committee and the terms of reference. He then tabled three books by Kehoe, Scully, and Heard dealing with … Continue reading Defence Research Board – First Commitee Meeting Minutes on Flying Saucer Sightings – April 24, 1952

Defence Research Board – Meeting Minutes on Flying Saucer Sightings – April 22, 1952

START TRANSCRIPT: Secretary: Mr. H. C. Oatway (DRB) The Chairman opened the meeting with a brief reference to the more frequent occurrence of "Flying Saucer" sightings. The frequency and persistency of the sightings would tend to discount the theory of 'hallucinations'. This, coupled with an aroused public interest in these sightings, tended to call for a more active stand on … Continue reading Defence Research Board – Meeting Minutes on Flying Saucer Sightings – April 22, 1952

UPR20190031 -Beings Observed – Entites

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, November 30 2018 WITNESS STATEMENT - May 10 2019       I was laying down, and I could see a young female, sitting on something close to my head. I looked at her knowing how strange she looked. I can only describe her as a “pixy-girl”. Straw like short, dirty blond … Continue reading UPR20190031 -Beings Observed – Entites

UPR20190032 – Beings Observed – Entities

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, November 23 2018 WITNESS STATEMENT - June 4 2019     Found myself looking at a roughly 12-year-old boy. I felt as if I was laying down. He was staring at my midsection. I felt like I had no clothes on. I was studying his face. A bit strange. Huge round black … Continue reading UPR20190032 – Beings Observed – Entities

UPR20190027 – Visitation – Physical

Windsor, Ontario, Canada, April 30 1969 WITNESS STATEMENT - May 10 2019     I remember as a child at the age of 3 I used to live in REDACTED. In a large field in the back of our home, I remember seeing a sphere moving to the left. It at first looked like the … Continue reading UPR20190027 – Visitation – Physical

UPR20190012 – Psychogenic – Internal Affect

Alliston, Ontario, Canada, February 26, 2019 WITNESS STATEMENT - February 19 2019     The following events were described during an assumed dream state: I was at a facility, then I was taken on board a spacecraft, I was then in space. The spacecraft then traveled into what I believe was another dimension, I have … Continue reading UPR20190012 – Psychogenic – Internal Affect

UPR20190003 – Visitation – Physical

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, October 23, 1978 WITNESS STATEMENT - January 28 2019     As a child, I was sleeping in my room, across from my closet. My parents would close the door to my room, while I used my room door to block my closet door. The closet door opened and there was … Continue reading UPR20190003 – Visitation – Physical