The Development of Curses.

There are two distinct forms of curses. Intentional and unintentional. Let's start with the obvious.  Intentional curses begin with INTENT. Someone has purposefully involved themselves in a ceremony or spell, directed at another individual or family line to bring about particular adverse outcomes on someone else's life. Usually, the reason for the curse involves negative feelings … Continue reading The Development of Curses.

Legal Rights: How Demon Possession Starts

I believe that "Common Grace" is a theological concept in Christianity that refers to God's protection of all humankind from evil at birth and throughout our lives, regardless of cultural or religious factors. According to the scholar Louis Berkhof "Common grace curbs the destructive power of sin. It maintains in a measure the moral order of the … Continue reading Legal Rights: How Demon Possession Starts

Ultraspectrum Classification System

The Hynek/Vallée Classification System is Obsolete

Yes. I said it. I will say it again. The UFO Classification systems that J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallée created are obsolete. They are no longer useful or even adequate enough to categorize the continuous growth of UFO phenomena we are experiencing today. This article will explain why I know this, how I came … Continue reading The Hynek/Vallée Classification System is Obsolete

UPR20190031 -Beings Observed – Entites

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, November 30 2018 WITNESS STATEMENT - May 10 2019       I was laying down, and I could see a young female, sitting on something close to my head. I looked at her knowing how strange she looked. I can only describe her as a “pixy-girl”. Straw like short, dirty blond … Continue reading UPR20190031 -Beings Observed – Entites

UPR20190025 – Beings Observed – Entities

WITNESS STATEMENT - April 28 2019 Frankford, Ontario, Canada, July 4 1982 WITNESS STATEMENT - May 10 2019     I turned over. I opened my eyes and I saw Sonny and Cher on the TV. I opened my eyes wider and I saw a figure standing in front of me alongside my bed. Looking … Continue reading UPR20190025 – Beings Observed – Entities