The body that provides TESA founder, Ryan Stacey, with non-binding strategic advice towards the common goal and advancement of TESA and its members. Composed of accomplished experts offering innovative direction and dynamic perspectives.

Ryan Stacey

Ryan Stacey is a certified Private Investigator, the C.E.O. and Founder of Black Light Investigative and Surveillance Services and The Experiencer Support Association (TESA).

He is also the Former National Chief Investigator for MUFON CANADA 🍁

Ryan is considered an expert in the UFO/Paranormal field and has been featured on television, has lectured at major conferences and has had many articles published. He is writing his first book, “Believe: TESA, The Other Guys and the Fight For Change” , an Investigative Study building a bridge between Paranormal and Extra-Terrestrial Phenomena.

Ryan has been a private investigator since 2009 and continues to help the public privately with issues ranging from infidelity to strange sounds, shadows, and lights in the sky.

Priscilla McNamara

Bio Coming Soon**

Jamie Dalzell

  • Co-Founder and CEO of The Pulse Nutrition
  • Health and Wellness Coach
  • Podcast Host of Beyond The Tin Foil Hat
  • Actor
  • Paranormal Investigator

Beyond The Tin Foil Hat is a weekly Podcast and is brought to you by The Experiencer Support Association (TESA). It is hosted by James Dalzell and sometimes co-hosted by Ryan Stacey. 

Each week the three, with the occasional special guest, will digest topics in a split style format. The first hour of the show is free for all listeners with an extended play on Patreon exclusive to members.

Tim Morrison

  • General Operations Manager of Black Light Investigative and Surveillance Services
  • Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • Cryptozoologist
  • Demonologist
  • Spirit Attachment Practitioner

At an early age Tim remembers being haunted by demons. He remembers lying in bed and seeing dark shadows watching him from the corners of his room. Tim now presents the opportunity to reach out with his knowledge to protect others on a global scale.

Chantal Chauvin

  • Event Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager and Developmental Planning
  • Volunteer Liaison
  • Recreation Specialist

Chantal is an experiencer and witness to paranormal activity and has interests in astronomy, psychic ability, energy, consciousness and the nature of reality. She has begun her training as a Level 1 Reiki practitioner and resides in rural northern Ontario. She has many skills and insight to bring to the team. 

Chantal works with TESA volunteers in hosting events featuring and also assists in managing the flow of posts on our private discussion group on facebook.

As a recreation specialist, Chantal will assist the investigation team by drawing out some hard to explain events reported to us by experiencers.