Unknown Object Sighting Report – February 8 2016

Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada – February 8, 2016

“a UFO over Nanaimo for the last 45 minutes”


Fournier AML@C Air Force DGA@Ottawa-Hull


From: Chris Rutkowski <canadianUFOreport@hotmail.com

Sent: February 9, 2016 11:32 AM

To: ++W19 WOps Duty watch Officer|w19 Officier de Service W0ps@19@ OSS@Comox

Subject: Re: UFO Sighting

Thank you for passing along this report.



From: mcso@forces.gc.ca<mcsa@forces.gc.ca>

Sent: February 9, 2016 7:30 AM


Subject: FW: UFO Sighting

For you (sic) info.

Captain / Captaine Scott Cursley

Duty Watch Officer, 19 Wing Operations

Canadian Armed Forces

mcso@forces.gc.ca/Tel: 250-339–8231 /CSN: 252-8231

Officier de Service, Operations de l”Escadre

Forces armees canadiennes

mcso@forces.gc.ca / Tel.: 250-339-8231

From: Germain DJJP@CFB Com

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Sent: February-09-16 12:07 AM

To: +W19 Duty Watch Officer/W19 Officier de Service@19 Wing WOps WOC@Comox

Cc: Nurse T@CFB Comox 12 MP Flt@Comox: Raithby W @CFB Comox 12 Flt@Comox

Subject: UFO Sighting

Received a call 2350 hrs from [REDACTED]

reporting looking at a UFO over Nanaimo for the last 45 minutes. He said that he called the RCMP

and they told him to call our number.

Cmre Germain

MP Dispatch / Corps Of Commissionaires/19 Wing Comox/12 MP Flt

Danie|.germain2@forces.gc.ca ·

Tel: 250-339-8211 ext 8218 _

PM Dispatch / Corps de commissionaires / 19 Escadre Comox / 12e Escadrille de police miliitaire

<maiIto: Danie|.germain2@forces.gc.ca> DanieI.germain2@f0rces.gc.ca

Tél: 250-339-8211 poste 8218



Retrieved from: Department of National Defence

Retrieved By: Ryan Stacey

Transcribed By: Kevin Halligan