Book Review – Ghosts I’ve Known: How I Learned to Live with the Dead by author Serena Dracis

Serena Dracis is a Paranormal author and in 2021 has released her new book Ghosts I’ve Known: How I Learned to Live with the Dead. Serena Dracis shares a fresh take on the paranormal phenomena with an Investigative Mindset and Psychogenic perspective. As a Psychopomp and Medium she helps Earth-bound spirits cross over and helps the living with acceptance of the non-physical. This book is guaranteed to offer the reader access to genuine thoughts, feelings, and observations as she introduces the reader to a wide range of personal experiences that will surely put you on the edge of your seat. And if you’ve ever wondered if animals can become ghosts, she’s got you covered.

Serena Dracis has been an Experiencer for most of her life, she recounts life-changing experiences in her youth and a relationship with a female ghost as the start to her paranormal, psychogenic, and spiritual growth journey. The author bravely unfolds her relationship with the paranormal and brings the reader along through her experiences to provide insights on how she managed to claim power over her life with techniques that work. The author has an eloquent way of describing energy, psychic ability and of bringing the reader into her experiences through intimate and authentic storytelling. She offers the reader tips and ideas that can be used to demonstrate how the use of your Will and the frequency of Love can become the most powerful tools for protection against several types of paranormal entities.

The author provides an explanation of residual energy while also explaining the cause and effect. In this book, the author addresses how psychic abilities are accessible to us all, some possess more natural talents while others must work harder to develop their gifts. Regardless of your aptitudes, honing your skills requires time, energy, and dedication. If you’re interested in the afterlife, this book provides a perspective that will surely make you think.


As the reader and an Experiencer, myself, I really appreciated this book’s breakdown and communication on the importance of “Spiritual Hygiene”. I found the writing style to be authentic and displays courageous vulnerability on the topic of a paranormal phenomenon that is refreshing.

The author shares her experiences ranging from pleasant, irritating to frightening, as well as her thought processes as she navigated these events with insight into her work as a Psychopomp. I found myself as the reader feeling moments of laughter, tension, and wonder. In this book, I found personal insights as well as many relatable stories that left me feeling the strength and a willingness to explore the unknowns of my own experiences. I have found the author’s attitude on the subject matter truly captivating. The author addresses a fearful topic in a way that will leave the reader feeling empowered to act but also cautions on common mistakes that may invite negative attachments; she does so in a manner that is dynamic and pragmatic simultaneously. She provides comfort and eases to the reader as well as offers precautions and observations that a person can use for navigating in their own events.  My only criticism of this book is that many times I was left wanting more! The author focuses on her experiences and stories with a focus on what led up to the event as well as during, however, there was little information provided on the aftermath effects.

I wanted to ask the author follow-up questions and learn more about the nuances of her experiences and encounters with various types of paranormal entities and psychic connections. Since having read this book, I’ve returned to it several times and now consider it a resource.

If you’re seeking to develop your psychic talents or discover insights through shared experiences this book is sure to provide a solid foundation and understanding for the reader.

This is a must-read for anyone who’s curious about the paranormal or wants to understand their own encounters and ways to manage them and learn to live with them. Ghosts I’ve Known: How I’ve Learned to Live with the Dead is made available in e-book format, making this beautiful resource accessible wherever you go.

You can find this book on Amazon and if you’re interested in honing or developing your psychic talents, the author has an entire series dedicated to this topic available to you right now! You can find other book titles like Fundamentals of Psychic Development and Essential Skills for Psychic Development. Serena Dracis also publishes Blogs and other writings to share her knowledge and perspectives on many topics related to consciousness, psychic ability, and paranormal events or encounters.

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