Unknown Object Sighting Report – September 3 2018

Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Canada – September 3 2018

Concerned citizen saw something fall in the water and could neither confirm nor deny having a person on board.”

I had completed an Access to Information Request to the appropriate department. After a thorough investigation, I received a letter indicating that the Department of National Defence had found additional information and sent me that information securely.

That information was in the form of a document as seen below:


Anderson Capt H@DIR OPS AOC@Winnipeg

From: JRCCHalifax@JRCC@Halifax<JRCChalifax@sarnet.dnd.ca>

Sent: September 3, 2018 9:11 PM

To: + 9WG 103 Sqn OPS@103 (S&R) Sqn@Gander; ‘2nd CA Div-JTF (East) (QG2DivFOIEcenveille@forces.gc.ca)’; +413SQN-CurrentOps@Greenwood; ‘Acting RSMS Hfx – DO (actingrsmshfx@dfo-mpo.gc.ca)’; + +AOCDWO@CAOC@Winnipeg; Lafrance Capt(N) GLG@C Navy ATL@Halifax; Sawyer Capt ZD@413 Sqn Corm@Greenwood; Maclean Capt(N) TIC@MARLANT HQ MCC@HALIFAX; O’Donohue Cdr M@MARLANT HQ MCC@Halifax; + + CFICC-CCIFC@C/OC HQ@Ottawa-Hull; + CFICC Cont@CJ0C HQ@Ottawa-Hull; @CFINTCOM@Ottawa-Hull; Smith Col HN@SJS DR@Ottawa-Hull; Smit Capt GA@CANSOFCOM@Ottawa-Hull; HFX Duty PAO@/TFA Public Affairs@Halifax; HFX Duty PAO@JTFA Public Affairs@Halifax; Holder LCdr JB@C Navy DNSM@Ottawa-Hull; Gough Maj MF@MARLANT HQ NO2 PA@HALIFAX; Steele LCol JA@C Air Force DG Air FD@Ottawa- Hull; Claveau LCol JF@SJS DSR@Ottawa-Hull; Toone LCol KA@CFB Comox WComd@Comox; Weissenborn Maj IM@442 (T&R) Sqn@Comox; Bineau Maj
AL@CANSOFCOM@Ottawa-Hull; Scharf Maj DW@CFB Comox WCOMD WFSO @Comox; McDonald Maj KK@RCC Operations@Halifax; Norris Maj MR@413 San DCO @Greenwood; Stevens LCol RN@442 (T&R) San@Comox; Duty Ops@MRSC@St. John’s; “N3 Halifax (trevor.jc.maclean@gmail.com)’; NELLES LCol J@Staff@CFC Toronto; Baines RAdm CA@VCDS DVCDS@Ottawa-Hull; + + RJOCA WATCH OFFICER @MCC ROC(A) @Halifax; RJOCA MAFF@Trinity RJOC(A)@Halifax; ‘RMS (marc.d.ouellette@dfo-mpo.gc.ca)’; Hardie Sgt R@12 Wing HQ AR Fit@Shearwater; + + SODO@CAOC@Winnipeg; Jarvis Capt LW@RCC Operations@Halifax; Wiley WR@RCC Admin@Halifax; Wiley Mr W@JRCC@Halifax; Handley Capt B@400 Tac Hel Sqn@Borden

Subject: FINAL SAR ADVISORY UFO / Sighting – H2018-01797

Hello Sir,

Final: UFO / Sighting – H2018-01797
REF: 04 0214Z SEP 2018
a. What: Air – UFO
b. Where: 20 NM NE Charlottetown, PEI
c. When: 03 2238Z SEP 2018
d. Who: 413 Sqn R911, Local fire dept.
e. Why: Concerned citizen saw something fall in the water and could neither confirm nor deny having a person on board.
f. Action Taken: R911 tasked to conduct search of the area. R911 conducted a search of the area with nothing seen. Local fire department went out in their vessel and nothing seen. All assets stood down.
g. Misc: 911 went briefly U/S before being able to respond to this tasking.

h. Lead Agency: CAF
Was DMO consulted? No
j. Was media informed? No
k. Was SRR PAO notified? Yes with this email.


Capt. Scott Hocquard
Aeronautical SAR Coordinator, JRCC Halifax
Royal Canadian Air Force
Canadian Armed Forces
hocquards@sarnet.dnd.ca/ Tel: 902-427-2100
CMRS aéronautique, CCCS Halifax
Aviation royale canadienne
Forces armées canadiennes



Retrieved from: Department of National Defence

Retrieved By: Ryan Stacey

Transcribed By: Ryan Stacey

First Made Public By: Daniel Otis