Unknown Object Sighting Report – January 17 2020

Boileau, Quebec, Canada – January 17 2020

multiple aircraft reporting of 17-20 bright lights moving very quickly.”

I had completed an Access to Information Request to the appropriate department. After a thorough investigation, I received a letter indicating that the Department of National Defence had found additional information and sent me that information securely.

That information was in the form of a document as seen below:


Anderson Capt H@DIR OPS AOC@ Winnipeg

From: ++ SODO @CAOC @Winnipeg
Sent: January 17, 2020 7:10 PM
To: Lattemore LCol SR@1 Cdn Air Div HQ CAOC@Winnipeg

Subject: UFO


Montreal NavCanada shift supervisor (I.e., public domain) relayed to CADS multiple aircraft reporting of 17-20 bright lights moving very quickly on a 060 hdg SO NM NE of YOW. Shift supervisor was not/not requesting assistance and none of the aircraft reporting the lights felt threatened.

Our team has run the checklist for Item, which requires reporting to civilian entities. We will feature this occurrence in CAOC morning update and Monday’s brief.

Do you direct any further action?


Robert J. Millen, CD
Major RCAF

Combined Aerospace Operations Centre, Senior Operations Duty Officer (CA0C SODO)
1 Canadian Air Division and Canadian NORAD Region Headquarters
Department o / National Defence / Government of Canada
SODO@forces.g.c.ca / Tel: 204-833-2500 Ext 2082 / CSN: 257-2082 / Facsimile: 204-833-2576

Officer supérleur des opérations en devoir, Centre multinational d’opérations aérospatiales
Quarter général de la 1re Division aérienne du Canada et de la Région canadienne du NORAD
Ministère de la Défense nationale / Gouvernement du Canada
SODO@forces.RG.ca/ Tél.: 204-833-2500 Ext 2082 / RCCC: 257-2082 / Télécopieur: 204-833-2576



Retrieved from: Department of National Defence

Retrieved By: Ryan Stacey

Transcribed By: Ryan Stacey

First Made Public By: Daniel Otis