CADORS 2018C5982 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

Yukon, Canada – April 30, 2018

A Kalitta Charters II Boeing 747-400 (CKS2657) on a flight from New York/John F. Kennedy, NY (KJFK) to Anchorage, AK (PANC) at FL340-360 reported an object flying sporadically, estimated at FL600-FL800 and moving at Mach 4. Details passed to North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD).”

I had completed an Access to Information Request to the appropriate department. After a thorough investigation, I received a letter indicating that the Department of National Defence had found additional information and sent me that information securely.

That information was in the form of a document as seen below:


Classification: SECRET Source: MCC Daily Type: Real World

CADS MCC Daily Log 30 Apr 18

Summary: CADS Comd/DO is Lt Col Whitehead


C Flt Crew Chief

21 AC&W Sqn

Update DTG 00:23:o1Zo1May18

Original DTG: 00:03:28Z30Apr18

Status: flag icon View Access: briefcase icon (?)

Description: no entry

Actions: 0001z: New zulu day, B Flt on duty….ra


0134z: CANR

0147z: Trk CE227, FRIEND. Orig M3 0511, C/S CFC01, Type CI60, DEP CYYZ @

0133z, Dest CYVR, ETA 0600z, Info from Toronto ACC…ra

0300z: MWO Come (accent –e– ‘ay’) on duty…acc

0455: On duty MCC Capt Banks…ts

0500z: [REDACTED?]

0556z: CFC01 landed CYVR.acc

0809z: C/S: CKS2657, Type: B747, Orig M3: 1706, DEP KJFK @ 0406 DEST : PANC ETA 1805z A/C was @ 6228N 11910W NE of Fort Simpson and reported an Unidentified Flying Object @ approximately 6325N 12957W, approximately 200 NM ahead of him. The object was at roughly FL600 going between Mach 4 & Mach 5 making constant circles and turns Info from Edmonton Voice page (Klondike/Dawson sectors)…acc

0900: [REDACTED?]

1048z: On duty C Flt, MCC; Capt Pipke, MCCTs: MWO Shippam, WO MacLean, WO Gillespie, CADS Comd: Col Roberts, CADS DO: Maj Tinsley, ..dts 1

1130z: [REDACTED]

1131z: CADS DO now Maj Palin…jem

1229z: [REDACTED]

1341z: [REDACTED]

1400z: [REDACTED]

1400z: [REDACTED]

1504z: [REDACTED]

1519z: [REDACTED]


1600z: [REDACTED]

1602z: [REDACTED]

1732z: ETD19G, track #C3554 id heading to Dulles from Abu Dhabi. The crew called a verbal level 3, but has said that it is not a threat….jem

1736z CADS tracking ETD19G as STN C3554. YYR 070/150nm. [REDACTED]

1745z: Trk C3554, Orig M3 0761, Level 3 Distrubance (sic) report on the DEN, C/S ETD19G (EITHAD) Type B787-900, Tail# A6BLA, Reg UAE, Dep OMAA (Abu Dhabi) 0643z. Dest KIAD (Washington/Dulles Intl. Dc.) 2035z, EADS informed us that cockpit is secure & distrubance (sic) is resolved…jem

1756z: [REDACTED]

1810z: [REDACTED]

1901z: [REDACTED]

1916z: [REDACTED]

1931z: [REDACTED]


2012z: TrK CE025, FRIEND, ORIG M37020, C/S CFC01, Type CL60, Tail # 144618, Reg Cdn. Dep CYVR 2001z, Dest CYOW 0015z…jem

2051z: [REDACTED]

2059z: [REDACTED]

2106z: On duty Maj Matheson, off Capt. Pipke…jem

2154z: [REDACTED]

2152z [REDACTED]

2255z: Off duty C. Flt. On duty B. Flt. MCC: Maj Matheson, MCCT: WO Almrud, CADS Comd is col Roberts. DO is Maj Palin.

Changeover checklist complete. Ra

2359z: End of zulu day.

Analysis: [REDACTED] and / or no entry.



Retrieved from: Department of National Defence

Retrieved By: Ryan Stacey

Transcribed By: Kevin Halligan