CADORS 2016C4869 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

Grovedale, Alberta, Canada – Dec 18 2016

A Qatar Airways Boeing 777 200 (QTR739) from Doha, Qatar (OTHH) to Los Angeles, CA (KLAX) reported an unidentified flying object in the vicinity of 5423/11958. The report was passed to Canadian Air Defence Sector (CADS). No impact to the operation.”

I had completed an Access to Information Request to the appropriate department. After a thorough investigation, I received a letter indicating that the Department of National Defence had found additional information and sent me that information securely.

That information was in the form of a document as seen below:


Classification: SECRET Source: Multi Type: Real World


Summary: CADS Comd is LCol Lachapelle (sic) DO is LT Col Harmon, [REDACTED]



Update DTG


Original DTG:


Status: flag icon? view

Access: lock icon?

Description: [nothing entered here]

Actions: 0001: A flight on duty MCCs Capts Bauer and Haun, MCCTs Wos Hamilton and Morgan, CADSS Comd is LCol Lachapelle (sic), DO is Lt Col Harmon, [REDACTED]

0004: [REDACTED]

0130: [REDACTED]

0310: Codes destroyed/LH

1129z: [REDACTED]

1200z: Off duty Alpha flight,on duty Bravo flight, MCC Capt Grignon, MCC/I WO Bernier, CADS is Comd Lcol Lachapelle (sic), DO is LT Col Harmon. [REDACTED] changeover/checklist complete…tb

1430z [REDACTED]

1452z: [REDACTED]

1554z: [REDACTED]

1611z: CFACC conference complete, GOC Ops center did not answer, SODO has been notified….tb

1800z 1800z: Padre Church will be on page this week till Friday, Padre Morris will take over after that, MWO Come [e accent] on duty…acc

1821z: [REDACTED]

1911z: CADS received a UFO report as follows: At 1850z Edmonton ID called with reports of a UFO sighting from QTR 739 at FL370 @position 5432N/11958W. Vancouver AMIS had no info on a (sic) flights or drones in that area or flight level, no discription (sic) of the UFO from pilot at this time…acc

2200z: DSEL down going to paper log…pg

2210z: [REDACTED]

2217z: DSEL back up…pg

2300z: [REDACTED]

3400z End of zulu day…bb

[further REDACTIONS?]

Analysis: (nothing entered here or REDACTED.)



Retrieved from: Department of National Defence

Retrieved By: Ryan Stacey

Transcribed By: Kevin Halligan