CADORS 2013Q0850 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

Lac St-Francois, Quebec, Canada – April 22, 2013

A citizen called the FIC to report a possible unidentified flying object in the vicinity of Lac St-François and Cornwall. The information was sent to NORAD by the shift manager at the Montréal ACC.

I had completed an Access to Information Request to the appropriate department. After a thorough investigation, I received a letter indicating that the Department of National Defence had found additional information and sent me that information securely.

That information was in the form of a document as seen below:


Classification: SECRET Source: CADS MCC Log 22 Type: Real World

Apr 13

CADS Daily Log 22 Apr 13

Summary: E Flt on duty, MCC: Maj McCaskill @ keddy.mb

Capt Ungeitis, MCCT: MWO McKenzie, MWO Jesso @ WO Passley, CADS Comd: Col Namiesnowski, CADS DO: LCol Peck,



Update DTG: 23:57:30Z22Apr13

Original DTG: 23:55:38Z21Apr13

Status: [flag icon]

View Access: [lock icon]

Description: [blank or redacted]

Actions: 0000Z: New Zulu day, E Flt on duty, MCC: Maj McCaskill, & Capt Ungeitis. MCCT: MWO

McKenzie, MWO Jesso, WO Passley, CADS Comd: Col Namiesniowski, CADS DO: LCol Peck, [REDACTED]

0015z: COMSEC destruction completed…tp

0135z: [REDACTED]

0212z: Rx a call from the Montreal Shift manager [REDACTED] about : UFO Report. Specifics follow: [REDACTED]

Reported by Cornwll (sic) citizen [REDACTED]

  • at approx 0120z, 8 pulsating lights (yellow, green and red) rotating around a sationary red light was was (sic) observed in the night sky around the constallation (sic) ORION, over Lac St Francois. The altitude was reported to be ‘approx 40K’ above the aircraft flying underneath.’ [REDACTED]
  • Called CANR with info and followed MCC checklist…vu


0215Z: D Flt on duty, MCC Capt Haun, MCCT: TSgt Havcraft, CADS Comd: Col Namiesniowski, CADS DO: Lcol Peck, [REDACTED] check complete…twh








0615Z: old codes destroyed…twh







09:00Z: [REDACTED]

09:12Z: [REDACTED]


09:38Z: [REDACTED]

0950z: Pubs and codes checked…mm

1010z: A Flt on duty, MCC: Maj Mbolekwa @ Capt Berath. MCCT: MWO Murphy @ WO McKenzie, CADS Comd: Col Namiesniowski, CADS DO: LCol Peck, [REDACTED]

1019z: [REDACTED]

1038z: [REDACTED]

New page:

1119z: [REDACTED]

1126z: [REDACTED]

1242z: EX EX EX – CADS is running a locally generetaed (sic) exercise to simulate IG arrival team procedures. Team is at MPHQ and will be met by CADS escorts within 10 mins. No action req’d from HHQ. EX EX EX…mtm


1241z: YBG will conduct lcl area trg at 1530z…mtm


1359z: [REDACTED]

1414z: [REDACTED]

1513z: [REDACTED]

1521z: Unk CQ416 288/652nm YBG [REDACTED]….am

1545z: TrkCQ416.class ASSUMED FRIEND, c/s Tgo922, ac DASH 7, reg CGCFR, time UNK 1522z, reason for UNK did not get code in time, dept CYYR, dest CYYR as per Gander amis…am

1612z: [REDACTED]

1629z: [REDACTED]

1743z: [REDACTED]

1745z: [REDACTED]

1800z: [REDACTED]

1008z: E Flt on duty, MCC, Maj McCaskill @ Capt Ungeitis. MCCT: MWO McKenzie, MWO Jesso @ WO Passley, CADS Comd: Col Namiesniowski, CADS DO: LCol Peck, [REDACTED]

1755z: [REDACTED]

1758z: [REDACTED]

1825z Comsec codes secure….tp

1835z: CYZX adz that arrestor gear on Rwy 08/26 is Stuck and can only be used once FTRO Unknown….tp

1837: [REDACTED]

1900: YZX Arrestor Gear Svcbl; reset will take 30 mins…tp


1946z: [REDACTED]

2208z [REDACTED]

2400z: End of Zulu day, off duty E Flt…mj

Analysis: (REDACTED or nothing entered.



Retrieved from: Department of National Defence

Retrieved By: Ryan Stacey

Transcribed By: Kevin Halligan