Unknown Object Sighting – Military Source – March 15 1950


414 P Sqn (No. 414 Photographic Squadron)

Sighting Unknown Object

  1. On the night of March 15 at approximately 2145 hrs, just prior to entering officers mess at Rockcliffe, I noticed an orange-colored light approaching from the west, over the city of Ottawa. At first sight, assumed that the object was a meteor, but on further sight, it was noticed that the glow did not disappear or diminish. On the contrary, it traveled in a straight line at a seemingly constant altitude until it was south of the station; at which time it turned through south-east to south and appeared to climb
  2. Tho object was very high and its progress rapid. It was accompanied by no sound and nothing but the orange light was discernable. The object was about twice the size of any of the stars in view and stood out quite prominently.
  3. Its flight path was constant but it seemed to alternately accelerate and decelerate. As it commenced its turn, it showed the same jerky tendency throughout the swing. I presumed The object climbed because the light dwindled in size and its angle of elevation increased considerably. It definitely showed characteristics of controlled flight.
  4. At the time I was in the company of F/O REDACTED




Retrieved from: Department of National Defence

Retrieved By: Daniel Otis

Transcribed By: Ryan Stacey