UPR20190046 – Beings Observed – Entities

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, July 5 2011




I was in my bedroom and I just put out the lights a few minutes before to sleep, when I felt I was being watched. The feeling was extremely intense, where I felt my body heat rise. I wasn’t sick this night and I had no fever. Then when I sat up gasping for air, because the intensity felt like something heavy sitting on my chest. I got out of bed and turned the lights back on, that’s when I saw three shadows with red eyes looking back at me. 

I hid back under my bed covers, and I kept saying over and over, “you are not real”. Then I looked up again and they were floating closer towards me. Then I covered myself again and then said the same thing again. Then I looked again and they were so close to me. My whole room’s temperature dropped and it was freezing then it went backup to boiling and then back down again. It kept doing that throughout the whole experience.

They started circling me and a fourth shadow with red eyes came out from the middle of the third one. When their hands touched my skin they allowed me to see how they died. They said “We are real. This is only the beginning”



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