HSPD20190043 – Abduction – Extra Terrestrial


My husband being in the Military, once in awhile he would be gone for 6 months overseas. One time he went away, in the morning I wake up with bruises on my legs more than usual they be on the same spot on each leg. My husband was worried concerned how I was getting these. When he left things turned for the worst. I remember I would wake up and sense that the Ets are coming. Not a comfortable feeling.

The room turns dark and feels cooler the wall pitch black where the greys came through they go around my bed. I can still move at this time.

One pulls off my sheets. I am looking into his large black eyes. They step aside then I’m paralyzed and can’t move. I feel myself floating up and going through the black wall they came in. 


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Ryan Stacey
Ryan Stacey