UPR20190041 – Beings Observed – Para-Cryptid

Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, December 3 2017




I had gone to bed late in the evening. Everything was fine until I woke up. I was paralyzed from the neck down which was scary and my head was laying to the left. The first thing I noticed was my bedroom light was on, the second thing I noticed, the dog was not barking or around at all, and usually when everyone is awake, so is the dog. I could feel that my body was moving because my head was. I knew the bed was moving so I forced my head to move up and came face to face with a reptile or snake man. I assumed it was a man because it was having sex with me. 

I immediately went into survival mode and assessed the situation. The being gave me a soft blink in its glance and at that moment I knew I was not going to be hurt. I woke up in the morning freaking out. I had to lie to my brother because he would not have believed me or thought it was a dream or I was crazy. The being had a hard helmet on its head and I am not sure if the plate-like top was a helmet or was just its head. It had established horn nubs on it but they did not look like they were new horns just surfacing from the skin. The hard part of the head came down to the tip of the nose.

The eyes were brown and large. Not your typical oval shape. They were round and large. I am certain that the being paralyzes me. The body was scaled but it was more like scaled skin, not snake scales.



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