UPR20190040 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, November 9 2016




I was letting my brother’s dog out to use the washroom and noticed 3 planes flying in opposite directions under the bright moonlight, which was odd. We barely ever had planes flying in our section of southern Ontario. This when I noticed something in the corner of my eye. It was a disc-shaped ship. I saw it above one of the apple trees in the backyard.

It was in a shadowed part of my neighbor’s farm field hovering. I had read and white lights going round and round the belly or center of the craft. I notice the trees blowing in the wind and this thing didn’t move. I’m assuming it was large and close to the barn with cows. It lasted about ten minutes then I watched it vanish. Very soon after I saw two military planes flying above us southwest headed and a black helicopter. I was scared and went inside.



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