HSPD20190025 – Entity – Shadow Figure


I turned over. I opened my eyes and I saw Sonny and Cher on the TV. I opened my eyes wider and I saw a figure standing in front of me alongside my bed. Looking down on me. I went into cold sweats.I wanted to get out of bed but I couldn’t. I felt held down even though I wasn’t touched.

I stood up on the bed. The entity put its arm out with its hand open and pushed towards me. Immediately after I was pushed to the corner of the room where I was held. He dragged me across the wall.

I was screaming and kicking for NAME REDACTED, and then laid me on my back. He never touched me during this experience. I was shoved against the headboard and held there.

The Experiencer Support Association – TESA

I felt cold pain in the back of my head into my spine throughout my body. It pulled its hand back and the pressure and pain went away. The next thing I remember is waking up and going to work feeling refreshed as if I had 8 hours of sleep.


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Ryan Stacey
Ryan Stacey