UPR20190016 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

Oakwood, Ontario, Canada, October 22 2011




Driving my delivery truck to Lindsay on trans can Hwy 7 between Manila and Lindsay. Aircraft was descending in my direction. I pulled over on to the soft shoulder observe the aircraft believing it to be a 747 freighter plane.



I sometimes observed aircraft during my deliveries and watched them. This was a clear moonlight night with very few clouds. I was intrigued by the descending aircraft so far away from Pearson Int Airport.

The aircraft was showing no marker flashing strobes on wings. As the aircraft became more visible I began to notice its outline, it was still descending slowly at a shallow angle. The wingspan was very wide with a slight pronounced middle bump, I assumed to be the cockpit area.

At approx. 1000 feet the aircraft began to level out and changed its direction slightly. The landing lights dimmed. At approx. 12 mph the aircraft flew past me, to the left of the truck at approx. 500 ft. The aircraft was a perfect diamond shape. Black with a dull white light in each corner of the diamond. Along the center line but just behind the middle of the aircraft, a red revolving light turned slowly. It reminded me of an old police car revolving around red lights. No engine noise heard or observed.

The aircraft began to change direction slightly moving west northwest and slightly increased speed and began to climb higher and higher. A long thin cloud was behind me and the aircraft flew into it, the cloud glowed white as the aircraft entered it and dimmed as it passed through it. I watched the aircraft pass into the distance until it disappeared into the black night sky.



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