HSPD20190012 – Astral Projection – Sleep

WITNESS STATEMENT – February 19 2019

The following events were described during an assumed dreamstate: I was at a facility, then I was taken on board a spacecraft, I was then in space. The spacecraft then travelled into what I believe was another dimension, I seen another Earth that looked just like ours. Something went wrong.

I was then brought back through a pod like spacecraft that could only fit 2 individuals per pod. We were sent back to Earth through some form of inter-dimensional space travel.


While in the facility, the witness was wearing a yellow suit. Other individuals were seen in the range of 100 to 150 who all looked younger than 30 years old. The witness mentioned that there were about 20 people wearing blue suits.

The facility was dome shaped and metallic grey. A young black male explained to the witness that NASA has been sending test subjects into space to study Inter-dimensional space travel. The second person in the return pod was the young black male. This male mentioned to the witness that returning wasn’t as easy and that it hurt. There was a red flashing light in the pod prior to the pod travelling fast. Extreme pressure on face was felt. Pressure was also felt on the body.

The pain was described as unbearable. She heard “Initiating Protocol B3” It might have also been D3 A bright white light was seen then the witness started to see past memories of her childhood both positive and negative.

Immediately after, the witness recalls seeing herself back in the pod seeing lines of all different colors. The witness felt like being inside a tunnel. The witness described shooting out of the tunnel than coming to a quick slow movement with Earth in front.

When back in the facility, the witness saw the people in yellow suits sitting and resting. The young black male was beside the witness and appeared unresponsive with blood coming from his tear duct.

Two people in white quarantine suits removed the male and placed a mask over her face and said “Everything is OK. It is time for you to go back home now”

The witness then woke up inside her bed.


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Ryan Stacey
Ryan Stacey