UPR20190008 – Sensory Display – Aerial Activity

HSPD20190008 – Aerial Phenomenon: Leduc, Alberta, Canada, February 8 2019

WITNESS STATEMENT – February 12 2019



I wanted a picture of the barren cold runways. I held my cellphone against the window of the terminal to avoid any reflection and took a photo. I took a “selfie” after but due to the focus of the phone, the sky isn’t visible behind me. After I got home to Vancouver, I looked at the photo and noticed an odd oval-shaped cloud in the center-right.

I zoomed in to see what appeared to be a disc-shaped cloud, such as Alto-cumulus Lenticularis cloud formations. But they usually only go over hills, mountains, or very tall man-made structures. Out of all the photos of Alto-cumulus Lenticularis clouds from the ground, I could locate, not one of them shows the top of the formation such as mine. In my photo, the formation is tilting towards me so I see the top of the disc shape. This was at a pretty decent altitude and over the flat prairie. It was a cold clear morning with a ground temp of -39c Two contrails are visible in the foreground and appear much closer.



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