UPR20190003 – Visitation – Physical

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, October 23, 1978

WITNESS STATEMENT – January 28 2019



As a child, I was sleeping in my room, across from my closet. My parents would close the door to my room, while I used my room door to block my closet door.

The closet door opened and there was a portal type hole, a man in a dark suit, appeared to walk out. He told me to come with him for a few minutes.

I felt I had no choice, nor did I scream or resist for some reason. I was taken to a base, where I heard someone say data mark and a number. I later found out I was the number. I ended up spending 23 years 4 months in space after my training on various bases.

Honestly, I don’t think I ever saw the actual sun until we all left the Planet, Earth Defence Forces Alaska Base. I went to the moon, then on Mars, I have an impression of Jupiter Station and seeing the platform in the rings of Saturn. I was told as a child I was a precog and that was why I was picked up. I spent some time out of the Galaxy Cygnus 5 for a while.

I returned to my home at almost the exact time and date they took me after I did my 20 and home. Some people did not come home for various reasons. I learned how to drive off-world vehicles on the moon. I have had dreams of places and combat that make little sense to me.



0143 – Witness is asked to think of a happy time at the age of 30 his response to what he sees is a universe.

0412 – Witness is asked to think of a happy time at the age of 20 his response to what he sees is “looks like a zoo”

0428 – Witness is asked if he is with anyone and the response I heard was “Valerie”

0437 – Witness is asked what he is wearing and he replies “pants and shoes”

0453 – Valerie is wearing “shorts and a top”

0457 – It is day time.

0624 – Witness is asked to think of a happy time at the age of 15 his response to what he sees is “playing cards”

1130 – Witness is asked to go back to a time when he was little and first experienced something unusual. His first reply was “It’s weird. It’s like a crib.” “and a light.”

1217 – When asked where the light may be coming from his reply was “the wall”

1311 – When asked about the light he says “It’s like somebody’s there” “I can’t see really”

1329 – Witness says “why is this hurting?”

1335 – when asked what was hurting he replied “my leg”

1400 – when asked to focus on the pain he replied “it’s like he’s touching above my knee” “inside the leg”

1415 – “and he just stops and goes”

1430 – when asked what the hands looked like he replied “black” “like a glove or something”

1455 – “energy is male”

1520 – when asked how his body feels he replies “heavier”

1538 – when asked how the being left he replied “back to the light” “the light just closes”

1602 – Witness goes back to sleep.

1623 – Witness is asked to move forward in time to the next experience.

1754 – when asked what he was seeing he replied “closet door opens” they’re back”

1812 – when asked how many were there he replied “just one”

1822 – when asked if this was the same being as before he replied “similar”

1848 – “Hi how are ya?” can be heard and the witness is uncomfortable with “it” entering the room.

1924 – the witness then hears “time to go”

1930 – when asked what happens next he says “i travelled through the light” “its a portal door”

1952 – when asked where the portal lead the response was “base”

2033 – when asked where the base may be located the response was “I am unsure. I think Camp Hero”

2047 – when asked where he is and who he is with the response is “Just me.” “In a room.”

2058 – “I hear like a mark”

2111 – “Time Mark”

2123 – “I’m taken out the door.” “Down a corridor by somebody.”

2151 – when asked what kind of being this somebody was the response was “A girl. A woman, I think.”

2203 – when asked if this woman was a human the response was “Yes. She’s taking me to a room with beds.”

2215 – “I’m told this is going to be my new home for a while.” “That’s not making me happy.”

2234 – “You know why you’re going.” “You know why you’re picked.”

2249 – when asked why he was picked the response was “Because I can see things.”

2308 – “They’re not just picking people who can see things, they’re picking people.” “Everybody’s different.”

2340 – when asked if anyone else was in the room with him the response was “six people make it through the night”

2400 – when asked how old he was at this time the response was “13 I think.”

2423 – when asked what happens in the morning the response is “we are all given uniforms.”

2451 – when asked what the uniforms looked like the response was “like a deep royal blue black”

2500 – when asked if there were any girls there the response was “no they don’t care about girls. They put the boys together.” “It’s who ever suits the purpose.”

2532 – “You’re there to task. There to train.”

2545 – when asked what he was tasked to do that day the response was “Orientation”

2548 – “It’s kind of like an in routine.” “Given some needles and you get fed and examination.”

2618 – when asked what kind of people are around the response is “everybody’s human.”

2626 – when asked if this was an earth operation the response was “oh yea”

2643 – when asked what kind of training he does the response is “skills to strengthen the mind.” “You try to predict what’s happening.” “You are greeting energies.” “Looking at events” “What’s going on vs what’s gonna Happen.”

2725 – when asked if he was moving on some sort of a timeline psychically the response was “yep”

2740 – when asked if this event had military application the response was “oh yeah. It’s what they want you for.” “Everybody here is military now.”

2815 – “They all know we are going to split up. Some of us won’t make it.” “They will be blanked and put Back.”

2830 – when asked what other training he went through the response was “fitness training” “and education.”

2851 – when asked if he was taught to engage with other beings the response was “it’s (that’s) coming.”

2912 – witness is asked to move forward when he is learning how to engage with off world beings.

2928 – when asked how old he was when he began this training his response was “16. 17.”

2947 – when asked where he is the response is “I don’t know everything’s down underground

2950 – “You move underground.” “All I know is where we left from.”

3023 – when asked if it was still a human work force the response was “yeah for the most part.” “There may be something in the lower levels, but we don’t have access.”

3035 – when asked what he thinks is happening in the lower levels he replies “I know exactly what goes on.”

3049 – “They’re doing genetic manipulation and experimentation.” “with everybody”

3107 – when asked what they are trying to accomplish he replies “adaptability”

3121 – when asked if they were interested in our DNA he replied “our DNA is the best DNA” “our DNA is adaptable everywhere”

3146 – when asked why our DNA was adaptable the response was “because that’s how our DNA was made” “Humans were the genetic experiment” “technically we weren’t suppose to survive” “they’ll never give a precog a chance to look.”

3232 – when asked who bothers him he responded “some of the dracos” “they’re like a splinter faction of the Dracos.” “like a splinter faction of the Nazis” “they are more like the Thulls is what they use to call themselves” “They’re humans” “everyone thinks that Germany lost the war, well Germany lost the war, but they didn’t really lose” “it’s like there was a splinter group within the war faction of Germany was looking to expand and they used one parse, like the used a greater whole, to try to achieve their ends, they managed to do it even though they didn’t think they could” “So they got what they wanted, so then they just became like…yeah I don’t like them.” “black suits”

3434 – when asked if there were any other non-human beings other than the Dracos he replied “tall um, blonde Scandinavian style. They tend to be the bodyguards and the workers for the Greys, ’cause the Greys can’t take a lot of damage.” “They can’t do a lot of stuff. But, their strength is in their mind.” “So they use the Scandinavian Talls, they adapted human DNA so they ended up with these guys so that they are more resilient. More immune. They just travel better.”

3618 – witness is asked to move forward when he was given orders, his response was “Ah 18.” “Time to go.” “Off world.”

3639 – when asked where he is heading he replied “I’ll go to LOC first, and from LOC I’ll head out. I think.” “Talking about the Moon as LOC” “Lunar Orbit Control” “And then from there probably to Mars, but they’re not sure. They’re talking about Saturn. Saturn base for some reason. I don’t know why.” “I’d like to go to Saturn Base. It sounded so cool.” “Float off the ice in the rings of Saturn. It’s really cool when the sun hits it the right way.” “So I’m told anyway.” “Guess I’ll see where I end up.” “Some of the guys were talking about putting down some incursions.”

3845 – witness is asked to move forward to the first time he was involved in a violent incursion in this program.

3908 – when asked where he was the response was “the only thing in my head is Centauri”

3924 – when asked how he got there he responded “They call it a jump but, it’s not really a jump it’s like…*sigh* Things aren’t like what people think they are. It’s like a fold. You’re like in one spot, and then, I don’t know if It’s like a computer or if it’s a computer with a person or a person. I don’t know how it works exactly, but it’s like they chart where they want to be ’cause time doesn’t exist. Time is a man-made construct that we use to mark intervals between events. What they do with no time, it’s like an instant. Kind of like a transfer if that’s the word I’m looking for. It’s like they reach out and grab a spot and then you’re there. I don’t know. I don’t understand it all.” “It’s not comfortable.” “It feels like you’re being stretched.” “There’s dampeners I think or something. You still get that stretched feeling. That’s why the tall guys, the blondes, they travel better.” “They try to adapt us for it but, it takes longer because of Genetic Adaptational Re-sequencing”

4158 – witness is asked how he travels. The response is “You kind of go into like a little chamber. You’re in like a little pod or something and you come out. It’s like a bed kind of pod thing and you can sleep in there why they are doing that. They actually recommend it because it lessens the effects. You come out and that’s when everyone suits up.

4300 – when asked about what the suit looks like he responded “ I just remember guns.” “I’m supposed to keep everyone safe.”

4400 – when asked how his ability is used he responded “When you go down, you get impressions. That’s what they want. They want you to have the impression ahead of you. What does the terrain look like? Where the choke points are at. Where people or the enemy could be. Where you could be. How you can get above it. They want you to be able to look. Literally what you are doing is looking while you’re standing in a spot so you see. Take the drones you see today, it’s like being in an elevated situation. I go up and start looking around, at particular points. I go right there, and I look and I see. Then I come back up and then I go to the next point.” “I give them overviews of the areas we are going into.” “You leave a little piece of you trailing behind, just in case.”

4651 – when asked who he was going after the response was “They don’t like the Draco.” “Don’t like the Draco faction at all.”

4711 – when asked if they were a violent race the response was “These guys are.” “It’s about control.” “This planet is not for them.” “This is an ongoing experiment set up by the council.” “This is the 5th age of man.”

4814 – witness is asked to move forward in time when he suffered the injury to his knee that was never explained. He is asked how he injured his knee. The response was “I just remember fighting.” “Big fights.” “Off-world.” “A retrieval mission.” “There were 4 people”

4951 – when asked if they are human people the response is “The one pushing in front of me is.” “They got to get past me.” “Lizards” “Ah Lizards.” “Jesus…Dracos” “*sigh*” “There are a lot of these… Jesus. I don’t know what these guys are.” “There’s a ventilation pipe. That’s how we got in, and how we get out. We left a shooter up top.” “We are underground” “Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.”

5150 – when asked how his knee was hurt the response was “explosion” “Almost didn’t make it back.” “I was the last one out.” “They pulled me to the top. Resequencing my leg. Rebuilding it. It’s dull pain now. They told me to be careful. I had to go back or I’d miss the window. When I go back they will blank me.”

5405 – End of Audio File



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