Transpersonal Astrology I: Fate as a path to freedom.

A.B. Neilly

Fate is one of those words that triggers conflicts in our minds. Ideology and situations in life can generate a blind spot in our perception of fate.

On the one hand, there are those who feel everything is predetermined, and there is nothing we can do. Those are the fatalists, and they just move around thinking they cannot do anything for their lives, except to trust their gods to be good to them.

On the other, many reject fate because that means we are not free to do as we wish, and that would be intolerable, a terrible ripple in our vision of ourselves as independent individuals.

I have a third perspective.

Fate comes in many ways, and its manifestation has the name of social constrictions, historical events, genetic traces, family matters, circumstances, emotional inheritances, race and gender. All of this limit or wider our perspectives in life. Not only by giving us a set of situations we live in, but configuring the way we think, feel and approach everyday life. 

Now, if you also consider astrology, you have another fate element, that is the quality of the moment you were born at, combined with the quality of the moment you are at.

With so many constrictions, where is the possibility of freedom here?

I will give you a hint. Consciousness is the element that can take us out of the paths of Fate.

Psychology has studied the recurrence of psychological patterns. Once we have learned a behavior, we are more likely to repeat that behavior. That means children with aggressive or alcoholic parents, for example, are more likely to be the same when they grow up.

The cure for this is awareness. A great part of the psychological techniques is awareness of the conditioning and awareness of how we are repeating this pattern. 

I will put you a personal example. Many years ago, I was in a relationship, and we were struggling with the lack of money. I got into a fight with my partner, and we were escalating, exchanging many harsh words, and things were getting worse by the hour. At that moment, I had been practicing for a few months a technique to observe myself while I was living, trying to understand my behavior. So, I was in the middle of a fight, and, at the same time, I was looking at myself fighting. And I had an “aha” moment. I suddenly saw my mother fighting with my father about the same issue, and I realized I had become my mother. I was just repeating her reactions to the same situation. This realization was so strong I started to laugh. My partner thought I had become nuts, of course, and it took me a while to calm down and explain the situation. I couldn’t fight in the same way with him anymore. Awareness changed the pattern.

Now, there are two key elements that can help to change the pattern, one is to have the information about the pattern, second, to realize when it is happening.

The funny thing about patterns is that they are triggered by a certain situation, but our reaction to the situation can be inadequate because of the patterns. They are triggered because we have been trained to react to a situation in this way, and we don’t put too much thought in the way we react.

The interesting thing is that the triggers and the reactions are not so individual. When we put humanity together, especially inside a given culture, the reactions are strangely similar. It looks like we all share a given number of patterns to react to determinate situations, and because we share these patterns, we can be predictable, ergo, we are guided by Fate.

So, there are many tools to get rid of fatalistic patterns. After studying many tools, I still think Astrology is one of the best tools ever for awareness.

The psychologist Carl Jung was also an astrologist. He wrote that a natal chart gave him more information about his clients than many personal interviews. I think the same.

The problem with astrology is, it can be used in many ways. It can be used to create more fate, like telling people this is how you are, and you will be like this forever, or it can be used to free consciousness. My take on it is that astrology talks about the currents of the world. The personal currents and the external currents. Time is not a lineal river that doesn’t change, it is more like the ocean, with stormy skies and sunny days. Your life will be very different if you were born, astrologically, during a winter storm, or in a bright spring day. It creates different patterns, and because the patterns are not individual, the astrologer can tell you which are the patterns you are subjected to.

But not always, and that is the trick to freedom. The more you are aware of who you are, of what are the hidden currents that are in your life, the better you will be able to avoid hidden patterns and start to behave not according with the learnt pattern but reacting to the situation in a more creative way. 

So, to avoid fate, you need to know it, deal with it, impregnate with it, and then, with awareness and hard work, you will be able to get out of the common pattern to create a new life, new ways of being, that will be unique, because every person is a unique individual and is able to have a unique life.