A Balancing Act

Wes G. Roberts

All of my biological family members seem to have the ‘gift;’ well, especially my grandmother and mother when they were alive, and my siblings. To an extent that seems to have reached my siblings’ children. The gift? Some call it “Factor X”, some ESP, some psi ability. Me? I call it an extension or augmentation of our natural senses. In that, I feel the “gift” exists in everyone. If my ‘gifts’ are a little more developed than others, that’s for three reasons I can think of:

  1. I had an ‘inkling’ in my early teens that I might be “psychic”. I followed through, exposing myself to two very different kinds of organizations who could help me prove or validate it. They did. A 9-year association with one of them, a parapsychological research institute, was invaluable.
  2. For the past 25+ years, I have informally created and organized different kinds of ESP experiments, many with blinds (controls) in them, to allow me and others to test our abilities.
  3. Once I acted on my suspicion I was an abductee/experiencer, and that took 20+ years, my ESP or Factor X increased in its depth, variety, and functionality.

The balancing part, referring to the title of this post, is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, who do I tell? Who can I tell? I’ve gone through periods of my life being selective about it, and other periods being a little too ‘out there’ about it. The selective path has been ‘safer’, and produced less turbulence in my life. The out there part has produced a mixed bag, and almost certainly, some lost opportunities: jobs, friendships. On the other hand, and perhaps the foundation piece for anyone who feels they’re in my position: if I do indeed possess Factor X, how do I morally and ethically use it? Or, do those things play a part at all? That last part is the topic of a different post.

If you feel or know you have some degree of psychic talent, perhaps you have run into what I have: instead of measured—even guardedly cautious—responses, people simply saying “show me.” Or worse “read my mind.” Really? I’m not a dog or pony. I don’t do tricks. Nor do I want to waste or squander what may well be valuable skills on ‘showmanship.’

While doing my balancing act, there was (there is) something else to consider; at least for me. Who do I or should I tell about my alien interactions?

Perhaps that call has been an even more judicious one for me, as I had been worried about some of the same things I mentioned above: career, friendships, and relationships. That said, you don’t see me writing that I was (or am) worried about credibility. Hopefully that was always taken care of and continues to be. I have had a very respectable career, have been involved and interested in my community, and have (generally) been there for my family in times of need. But beyond those things is this: I have, to me, inexorable proof of what I’ve been through. I have a fairly comprehensive set of direct experiences, many of which I have consciously remembered and did not involve hypnosis. I still have experiences today, while I have not sought out the expert help of my friend, hypnotherapist, and co-author Lesley in several years. Would I? Yes, I would get back in the chair if I felt I really needed to.

I have learned to discern, as best as possible, the differences between dreams, lucid dreams, out of the body experiences, flights of fancy/fantasy, imagination, and alien interactions. I have a tendency to ere on the extreme side of caution: not labeling any experience as “alien” (or “psychic”) unless or until I’ve run down the usual suspects.

If you’re on the bubble I was on—perhaps thinking of ‘coming out’ or if not that, of making something of or doing something with your experiences—I invite you to contact me at wes.roberts@tesacan.org