The Experiencer Spectrum

Sitting here watching videos about people having some of the most fascinating experiences, most of them absolutely wonderful and captivating with a few horrible and unpleasant ones. These are the kinds of stories I think of when I think of an “experiencer”.  I often struggle with the idea of calling myself an experiencer with a limited amount of things I have had happen to me. Then I remember that we’re all in this together, and despite the human tendency to compare or put things on a scale, we’re all experiencers. From just seeing a UFO or a ghost to having physical or spiritual contact it’s all in the spectrum.

The experiencer spectrum is vast and covers many of us. Personally, I have begun my path on this adventure through a deep curiosity about life growing up then into my young adult years experimenting with psychedelics. After a profound and deeply spiritual experience around 2010, my life transitioned from one of ego, Atheism, and materialism to soulful existence, truth-seeking and a deep spiritual passion. Buddhism became a big focus for years and the intense desire to learn the wisdom of the past, the pursuit of releasing karma and becoming the best person I could be.

I always knew the history we were taught was a fabricated story with many holes in the plot. Science itself is flawed and I could see it from a very young age. As my life progressed down the path of spirituality and wisdom-seeking I began to learn of theories and ancient teachings which all started to make sense. From the truth behind the megalithic structures across the planet to mythology and ancient teachings from across the planet, I began to see the bigger picture.


At the beginning of this adventure after the initial “awakening” is when the sightings began. Numerous sightings of absolutely phenomenal origin happened over many years, all with the close group of friends I had growing up. The piece of the puzzle of extraterrestrial life and what could be out in the cosmos took a hold of me like Tom DeLonge or Fox Mulder. Sightings ranged from bright orbs which sometimes would split into multiple, the “rock skipping across the sky” type, zig zag shooting star type and more. Every time was exciting like a kid on Christmas morning and I knew we weren’t alone. One friend even had a sighting where he began sending intentional thoughts to the craft and it would respond (change direction, get brighter, etc). These sightings still continue to this day on a nearly nightly basis whenever I take the time to go out and observe when the conditions are according.

Then in 2018 during an evening meditation, I received my first, and so far only, telepathic contact. It was multiple entities and they showed me spectacular images of celestial bodies and the lifeforms that lived there. The experience was so powerful and it was quite the work to maintain the connection. Eventually due to the excitement and mental strain I had to end the contact and immediately rushed to my close friend’s house to tell him all about it. As a result of this experience, completely unrelated to any of the content of the message, I became vegetarian and haven’t looked back.

So that is the story of my place in the spectrum of experiencers. I may not have the same experiences as other people but I have had mine and I’m okay with that. As I’ve learned in life, expectations or comparisons often lead to disappointment or envy and things that we do not need to be perpetuating as a species. The main thing I have learned being an experiencer is that love is the most powerful force in the universe, it is the language of existence. We must progress our race in a peaceful and loving way in order to create the “Age of Aquarius” that is prophecized in many cultures on the planet. As an Aquarius myself my point is to spread that message of hope and love.


Heed the world. Wear your day with ease. Namaste.