Why Me? A Response from an Abductee/Experiencer

Wes G. Roberts

I have led what can only be called a magical life. Major indicators of that began in my teens. Events and experiences have never stopped. I found out – confirmed – when I was 15 years old that I did possess what is commonly referred to as psi talent. (I believe we all possess that, even if latently.) This article will discuss, very personally, why I feel certain alien species chose me, and why I chose them back.

In the mid-to-late 1980s, I woke up one morning from what I thought was a vivid and significant ‘dream’. How I woke up, and what happened after this experience, well, they’re interesting stories in themselves.

The digital clock-radio on the dresser; there was something odd or ‘wrong’ with it. It read the hour – let’s say it was 6 a.m. – but as I watched it several minutes clicked by in what seemed to be a few seconds of real-time. I was sitting up in bed by then, literally seeing the minutes rapidly go by.

I looked on my pillow and there were spots of blood on it. At that point, I stopped and questioned things.


I never had a nosebleed to my knowledge before then, or since, right up to today. Curious. I quietly got of bed, went to the second bedroom, and scratched out in hand on a piece of paper what I remembered of the experience. When my partner awoke, I asked her if anything odd had happened overnight. She told me she had felt something was going on with me, but that she couldn’t move or talk.

Another similar experience happened at around the same time. That knowledge came to me many years after the original experience. In the other incident, which I still cannot recall consciously or under hypnosis, my partner more clearly remembered hearing myself and what she felt to be aliens, talking in the second bedroom.

Those are two experiences, one consciously recalled, the other not, of approximately 40 distinct alien episodes I have had. Again, some consciously remembered and some not. I continue to have experiences to this day. Why me?

Apparently, I chose to have these experiences.

As I can’t fully or independently verify my last statement, let me begin by taking you through some self-analysis I have done over the years. Call it soul-searching if you will.

My first stream of thoughts, brought-on after my 1980s experience, had nothing to do with alien abductions or experiences. I was not one of those people. While I held many exotic and far-reaching beliefs, including what I mentioned above about my psi-factor, alongside a several-year stint in a real, funded, parapsychological research institute, for me, in the 1980s and well beyond that, people claiming to be alien abductees were strange, weird, and sometimes disquieting. That was it. Until 2008/2009 or so.

In the late 2000s, I had shared my 1980s experience, and some others, with a handful of trusted friends (not sharing it with my family, except for my wife). One such friend was a fellow teacher. This was outside her bailiwick, but she tried to listen objectively. Another good friend at the time was interested in magic, as I’ve been for decades. I got to meet her in person, finally, when I traveled to Europe.

While I had shared some of my thoughts with her in an e-mail, and my growing suspicion at the time that I might, in fact, be an alien abductee, she and I spent a full day together. I told her most of my fears, suspicions, and how I was thinking of trying to find someone to help me when I got back. Many things stood out about the conversation we had, but most significantly, she told me if it were her, she would want to know. She would undergo hypnotic regression if that’s what it took.

It took me over a year after getting home to search for someone to help me. In an odd, synchronistic way, I was introduced to Lesley Mitchell-Clarke. Her practice was somewhat new, but after we met and after she performed an initial assessment on me – yes, a very important step – there seemed a good fit. We began what we turn into several years (approximately 35 sessions) of hypnotic regression. We also became close friends and have had many interesting adventures together.

It took but a single hypnosis session, my very first one, to understand the gravity, the depth, my involvement with alien life forms. I was stunned. What I discovered was something countless others have discovered, and something Lesley has helped many uncover through hypnosis. Three talking points here. First, I was likely an alien abductee. Check. Two, my experiences began in my childhood. OK, not so happy about that, but it’s a commonality. And three, being an abductee eventually evolved into my being an experiencer. Yes, there is a difference.

The above somewhat addresses the ‘why me’ question, but here are three more discoveries I have made. Perhaps you’ll find one or more of them familiar:

  • I did/do have some psychic abilities. Apparently, this is attractive to some (or many) alien species.
  • Abductions usually run in the family. I won’t go into details here about my own family, but this fact, too, has been found to be true often.
  • Through a fascinating hypnotic protocol called InterLife Regression, I eventually came to believe I chose to be an abductee/experiencer. In brief, you visit yourself/spirit before you are born.

There’s one more thing I should add to this first ‘why me’ article. Throughout the years, I have on several occasions had alien experiences that were called in front of a ‘council’ of some kind. I have been asked if I was ready for the next step(s). My ‘other’ or spirit or ethereal self has always said “yes”.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this experience, or some of my other experiences, I invite to contact or write to me at contact.producer@gmail.com.

Wes G. Roberts

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