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Your report will be anonymous to the public after it is received. This means that your name, or any other specific identifiers that could direct the event to you or to your home personally, will not be released to the public.

At the very least you will have a copy of this report for your personal records.


This form is Mobile/Tablet friendly and best used in Google Chrome.

    Your data will be printed and archived in a safe and secure location. It will not be stored online.

    If you are reporting an event with more than one unusual incident, please consider the most significant incident when answering the following questions:

    *You will have a chance to explain the collaborating details at the end of this report*

    Did you witness this event?

    Including yourself, how many witnesses are there at this event?

    Are you or any of these witnesses willing to be contacted for more information?

    Have you reported this event to anyone else?

    Who did you report to?
    Were you satisfied with their performance?

    How can T.E.S.A. do better?

    Who referred you? (Your source will get supporter credits)

    Would you like this report to be Anonymous?

    Only statistical data and direct evidence will be used to inform the public.

    Your personal information will not be released.

    Contact Information:

    Where did this Experience Occur? (We do not need to know where you live)

    Event Information:

    Were there any injuries or damage caused to anyone or anything during this experience?

    What exactly was injured or damaged?

    When this event happened what did you tell yourself?

    After this event happened how did you feel?

    If more than one of these categories fits your experience, please file each experience separately. We must analyze experiences individually and avoid collecting unusable data.

    Where exactly were you inside this event location when this experience occurred?

    What direction were you facing?

    Describe the Movement:

    Describe this event:

    What could be a rational and logical explanation for this event?

    What would you like TESA to do in response to this report?

    What about yourself and this experience can be said to consider this report credible?

    Why do you think this event happened to you, and how has it affected your beliefs about yourself, others, and the world with regards to safety, trust, power/control esteem, and intimacy?

    What are your current religious or spiritual beliefs?

    Are there any concerns you might have with sharing your experience to help others?

    Are there other events in your life that you will be submitting after this one?

    If necessary, would you be willing to complete other forms specific to the nature of your experience? This additional data will help TESA narrow down the variables and assist in isolating the event.

    Would you like to subscribe to our newsletter?

    Would you, as an individual like to be considered for future experiments and deeper studies to understand why you are connected to the phenomenon?

    Would you like to be a guest on our Live Video Podcast "Beyond The Tin Foil Hat"?

    Would you like someone to contact you about our exclusive YouTube experiencer membership for $2.99 CAD/Month?

    We will remove all identifiers when using this report to assist, educate, and inform the public.

    We thank you for your time and appreciate the courage to document your experience.

    Would you like a copy of this report for your records?

    What email address would you like it sent to?

    Have you reviewed this report before clicking Send? This form will reset.

    This event should be reported by the original witness to ensure that the data is 100% Accurate.

    If you are filling this form out for the witness, make sure you have permission and you provide their proper contact information.

    Failure to do so will result in an inaccurate investigation.

    If you are an investigator or researcher wanting to report on behalf of your experiencer please complete the form here: Project: Babel

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